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In order to make a consistent amount of money, many gamblers use a stake method. What this basically means is that they manage the money that they wager in order to gain this consistent income while taking into consideration that no one wins all the time. Some of these techniques for staking wagers work much better than others methods of which people adhere to, and it is important to remember that utilizing a stake method is but a single part of their efforts to earn a steady and growing income while enjoying their love for gambling.

However, gambling or Judi Bola is about probabilities, and this can be calculated, so the proof that one system performs over another is a matter of science and therefore, indisputable. Additionally, because none of these techniques are one hundred percent successful, there are drawbacks to each type.


The worst strategy

The worst strategy by far is the strategy that says bet everything you have allotted for betting called a stake, every time that a wager is placed. In other words, bet your total bankroll on each and every wager that you place.

There is a theoretical advantage that would be great if this technique was successful because there would be large returns, and this money would be won very fast. However, there is a significant and disqualifying downside. When you lose the first time, your money in the form of winnings that you have earned and including your bankroll is gone, and because you are out of money, you are completely tapped out of the game no matter how large the gains you have amassed.


Statistically impossible

Because it is statistically impossible to earn a living gambling in this manner, it seems more that it is a designation for gamblers who enjoy the thrills of gambling, and this includes not only wining big but losing big, or those that really have the ability and knowledge to quit while they are ahead.

Some would call the ability to know when to quit while ahead a talent, but from whatever source it is from, it bears some statistical credence, because the longer a person lingers in a game, the more they are subjected to the odds, and in most gaming, the odds are significant with the house. If the house did not have a sizeable advantage, there would be no profit motive in the gaming industry, and we all know that is not the case.

Although some types of the next methods vary, a strategy of some sort of fixed wager is much more successful. This method involves making an unwavering bet of a fixed amount for each bet, without regards to how much is won. For example, if the wager amount is set with a set chance of winning of around 55 percent, the chances of losing the entire stake in one bet simply does not exist, and does not exist for many more rounds of wagering. However, it means earnings are limited in each round, but they increase slowly and steadily throughout.

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