What is DominoQQ and how is it normally played?

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If you have been looking at some of the most popular online games (e.g. BandarQ), you will have seen the game DominoQQ pop up close to the top of the list.

Once a game only Indonesian players played, nowadays DominoQQ has become an online game millions love to play every week.


What is DominoQQ? — This popular online gambling game is an Indonesian game that is very similar to Texas Hold’em poker. The main difference is, instead of cards, DominoQQ is played with dominoes.


How is the game normally played? — DominoQQ is played with a double set of dominoes. The only difference with the domino set is every domino that does not have spots on it is taken out of the game before it begins, as these obviously cannot be used to calculate points.


Each player is then very similarly to straight poker, but wit dominoes. Two, three or four players can play together, and each player decides on a small bet before any dominoes are dealt.


Five dominoes are then dealt to each player with the face not being visible to anyone but the player themselves.


The game then begins and moves to the left with each player deciding on how they want to proceed in that round.


The options are to check, which means to hold your hand but not bet on it, fold if they know their hand is not a winner, or bet if they think their hand will do well.


You can also call, which means adding the same money to the pot as every other player at the table.


Finally, if another player has bet, you can also decide to raise.


In other words, DominoQQ is almost identical to playing poker, but with dominoes instead.


This is one major reason why so many newbies to DominoQQ started playing and continued to play. The game’s similarity to poker makes it fun and easy to learn, while playing with dominoes makes it just a little more interesting.


How do you win at DominoQQ? — The person with the hand with the most points wins the pot.


There are various types of DominoQQ-specific hands that players aim to get during each game. These are the Royal Hand, Straight Sixes, Straight Fives, Full House, Four-of-a-Kind, Triples, Flush and Pairs.


If the game ends with nobody at the table being able to win with one of these hands, the person that has the highest card is declared the winner.


Where to play DominoQQ online — Many casinos now offer it, and some have a huge number of players playing it every week.


The best casino to play on, though, is one that offers a free cash bonus when you sign up, has a good reputation with DominoQQ players and plenty of games to join.