Is it possible to win money gambling on online slots?

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If you would love to gamble on online slots, but are not sure if you will just waste a huge amount of money by doing so, you will be happy to learn it is possible to win money while doing so.

Of course, not just anyone wins money, as you do have to know what you are doing before you begin to gamble.

Luckily, if you follow these tips and avoid making the mistakes typical beginners often make, you can maximize your chances of winning quite quickly.


Register with casinos offering cash bonuses — The first rule of thumb when trying to win money gambling on online slots is to only register with casinos giving out cash bonuses for first-time customers.

These bonuses can be several hundred dollars and provide you with your first real money to gamble with.


Play once, play high — One strategy many expert online slots players use to help them win money is to play one machine once with the highest amount it accepts.

If you win, play it one more time. If you lose, find another machine and repeat the same steps again.

By doing this, you can maximize the amount of money you win, while not wasting too much time sitting at a machine that may never pay out.


Avoid progressive slots — While many people tend to stick to the progressive slots, as they are the ones that pay out the highest amounts, this is not usually the best strategy.

This is due to every machine being linked to every other progressive slot machine game, thus decreasing your chances of a win due to the high number of people gambling on them.

If you stick to the fixed payout machines, however, it is just you versus the machine. That maximized your win chances and will usually help you win at least once in just a few minutes of play.

Bet on every win line — Most online slot machines (IDN Live etc.) nowadays have up to 20 win lines. These win lines allow you to win if you bet on them. If you do not, and a winning series comes up on that line, you will miss the pay out.

This is why most professional gamblers only play online slots if they can bet on every win line. After all, with 20 possible chances of winning on just one spin, in most cases you will win something almost every time you spin the reels.


Smallest jackpot games — These are the best games to play on if you want to maximize your win chances, and especially if you only have a few minutes available to play.

After all, they may pay out lower amounts, but they do pay out more often so your chances of a win are high.