Gambling on online slots vs. traditional slot machines

//Gambling on online slots vs. traditional slot machines

The advent of online casinos has opened a whole new world of opportunities for individuals who did not have access to conventional brick-and-mortar casinos. In addition to the newcomers, the seasoned professionals have also ventured into the online gambling platforms to try their luck.

While the trend gained even more traction during the times of the pandemic due to the closure of land-based facilities, it also prompted game developers to introduce innovative features and more games into their websites to lure in more people.

What has not changed is the popularity of some games, including slots. While the game has been widely popular in traditional casinos, its online counterpart is also among the top played games in online casinos.

However, if we compare the two-game formats, which one would you think would fare better? Let’s find out.

Game variety

Online slots offer you unlimited access to different games. There is a wide variety of themes in addition to the different combinations of pay lines, reels, and bet sizes. So as a player, it is up to you if you want a basic version of the game with the conventional three reels and fruit or jewel symbols or the most advanced interactive version of the game.

The kind of variety you see in online broslot with impressive imagery and graphics, you don’t see that anywhere in traditional slots.


Every game is just a click away with online slots. Just like technology has brought convenience into our lives, it has brought casinos into our homes, making it easy for us to play any game from the comfort of our house.

You can play a quick game of slots anywhere on your phone or pc since most of the sites are compatible with mobile technology and have desktop versions as well.

On the other hand, if you want to play at a traditional slot, you may have to plan properly to visit a casino. The trip may not only cost you more time but more money as well.

High payout percentage

Online casinos do not have to incur as much administrative or overhead expense as traditional casinos, so they can afford to have a lower house margin. This eventually translates into a high payout percentage for online slots. It is estimated that, on average, the payout percentage for online slots is around 10% more than the traditional slots.

Welcome bonuses

Another advantage that online slots have over traditional casinos is that these sites offer welcome bonuses in a bid to attract new players. As a player, it means more money for you to play. Some sites even offer a bonus to individuals for signing up only without requiring any deposit amount. So, it is like free money that you can use to try your luck.

Free play

Unlike traditional slots, many casino sites offer free demo versions of games for players. If you are a newbie and are unaware of how the game is played, you can use these demo versions to figure out how it works before you consider playing for real money.

Progressive slots

On the one hand, with online slots, you can play with low betting limits, and on the other, you have the opportunity to play for progressive jackpots. A prize pool is shared among a network of payers, and lost bet money is added to the pool for the jackpot.

While one cannot deny the charm of the traditional casinos, it is easy to see how online slots fare better than the traditional slots in so many aspects.