Beginners Guide To Online Bingo

//Beginners Guide To Online Bingo

Everyone’s longtime favorite game, bingo, is now online! Instead of leaving the comfort of your home, you can now play to win remotely. Online bingo is similar to regular bingo in most aspects, but there are some extra features that make online bingo unique and exciting for bingo lovers all over. For example, many sites offer an auto play option where the computer automatically marks off drawn numbers for you. This allows players to have many boards as opposed to just what you can keep up with in a regular bingo hall. All online bingo sites generally use a random number generator in order to keep the games fair and unbiased. The first thing you should do when venturing into online bingo, is check the rules and regulations page because each individual site is different. Most sites generally offer a single and a multiplayer option.

Playing Options

The Single player option is ideal for people who like to play at their own pace at any time of day that they choose. This option is somewhat similar to the popular casino game, Keno. A paytable is generally available to help players understand how to win, as well as how much you can earn from each type of win. Single player bingo often has bonuses available, like board multipliers and other extras.

The multiplayer option is more like the traditional bingo halls. Once you’ve registered for a bingo and casino site, you can choose what room, or type of game, you want to play. The games are normally divided by entry fee or payout, and graphics or types. The winnings and prizes also vary by room or game type. This option allows for more socialization and competing against fellow bingo players to see who can complete the specified pattern first


The multiplayer option allow for more chances to socialize with people from all over. To make it easy to engage in the social aspect of the online bingo community, many players opt to equip the autoplay option as oppose to the manual marking off of drawn numbers. Players are sure to mark off all numbers when autoplay is equipped, even while socializing with the bingo community. Be sure to check the site for a glossary, many players will use abbreviations and different terms you may not be familiar with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and remember to be polite and courteous just as you would in a regular bingo hall.


It is important to pay attention to the patterns to know what a winning card will be. Patterns are often alternated and change throughout your play time. Just as in a regular bingo game at a hall, when a number is called, you mark it off by clicking it. When you have marked off all of the numbers needed, you win. What you win depends on what site, room, and type of game you are in. Don’t forget to cash out occasionally, many people like to play using their winnings, but there is no better feeling than having tangible winnings from your online bingo adventures!