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All you Need to Know About Kartu QQ, an Indonesian Gambling Game

Indonesia is a country that lies between two continents. It is a country that expanses between the continents of Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is the world’s largest island country with over 13,000 islands. Despite the large population, the country has a massive area of wilderness as well as biodiversity. The state is made up of majority Muslims, who are 85% of its population. The country also adheres to the strict Islamic rules; therefore, the government has banned gambling in all its systems. The country has some islands that are the major tourist attractions, for instance, Bali and Jakarta.

Kartu QQ

Judi Kartu QQ, also known as Kiu, or DominoQQ pokers is popular in Indonesia. This game is just a simple act of connecting playing cards utilizing poker card match. The game is played using a set of twenty-eight double-six dominoes, which in the case of Indonesia, are small cards. The cards are usually disposed of after few games since they begin to show indications of wear. In this game, players are needed to pay a fixed wager into a container and are later distributed three dominoes. After assessing their cards, players are required either bet, call, raise or fold. All this is done if there was no previous bettor.

Nowadays, almost everyone is equipped to take part in a Kartu QQ online poker gambling by just using their android internets. Many people prefer playing it online because it is more enjoyable while on the other hand, it not only increases their skills but they get to earn money too. There are several websites in Indonesia that serve people who are interested in online gambling games. Playing online Domino requires the player to deposit a sum of money into their accounts using different choices. The options include ATM transfers, credit cards or even SMS banking.

In Indonesia, the community members are given two types of bonuses. One is designed on the basis of the entire bet that has been made by the bettor. The second bonus is received as a recommendation charge which is earned by inviting their friends to play the game, Kartu QQ. However, it is advisable to always pick the best and the safest sites to play Kartu QQ. The first thing to look for in a gambling website is whether people are most successful using that site. If you are passionate about making money by playing Domino, you should be very careful when it comes to choosing the right platform to play.

Gaining trust from the public and playing Domino QQ is not a walk in the park. You must consider the following factors to make a poker website trusted by the users or the general public. Make sure that the fundraising system is transparent and straightforward. One can achieve this by highlighting the transaction speed for every member. If there is no interference with the concerned bank, the transaction speed should be 1 to 3 minutes. Taking part in this game requires a person to be 18 years and older.

The Most Important Tips For A New Online Poker Player

Improving at online poker takes time and experience. There are tips to help new players understand some of the most important concepts regarding the game. These tips will help any player begin heading in the right direction.

The Number of Hands

A new player should become more comfortable with online poker before attempting to play numerous hands. It takes experience to recognize which hands are worth playing. The player must be selective with their choices.

The Bluff

It can be difficult to pull off a good bluff especially in online poker. The best players do not bluff often and it is not an essential strategy of winning. The preferable strategy is to play the cards well. The occasional bluff is fine but should be based on practice and knowledge.

The Opponents Cards

Every good agen poker online player considers the cards in their opponent’s hand. If the opponents hand appears to be better than the cards of the player they should fold. A two pair is useless when the opponent is displaying four cards in the same suit and placing a large bet.

The Players

Ensuring the skill of the opponents is less than that of the player is a good way to win. Entering a game with the top players for an amateur is a bad move. At worst the other players should be equal in both skill and experience. The limits must be chosen with care and if the poker table appears fishy keep looking.

The Table Position

The table position can be critical and this is especially true for Texas Holdem. The best position is the last to take action on the hand. This enables the player to gain information regarding the hands and the actions of the other players. The right position can make an average hand a winner. In no limit Texas Holdem the hand is often less important than the cards. This can make the difference between a loss and a win.

Paying Attention

Tells can be picked up by observing the way the opponents play each pot in online poker. The concentration of the player should always be focused on the other players. A good player will figure out the moves a player makes when they have a fair hand. The more information a player has the easier it becomes to defeat their opponents.

The High Limits

A beginner should never play the high limits for two important reasons. The first is the players in these games are better than the players at the tables for lower limits. These players are difficult to beat and the new player’s money will disappear quickly. The second reason is a new player must play at affordable limits. If the limit of the game is more than the player can comfortably afford to lose the player should walk away. A bankroll management strategy is imperative for every player.

The Rules

The player must understand the rules of the game to be successful. Many casinos and card rooms have unique rules. The player should be familiar with these rules prior to playing a game.

Top 5 Sports Wagering Mistakes Beginners Make Too Often

There are a some people today who are going to make more money gambling on sports (Reference: Sbobet Asia) than others make in a full week working their regular job. These gamblers are not getting lucky once in a while either, they are able to win on a consistent basis by eliminating mistakes from their game.


Let’s see how many of these beginner mistakes you are making and how it is affecting your ability to win money gambling on sports.


  1. Playing With Scared Money

The one mistake you can not afford to make is playing with scared money. If you need the money to pay bills or you are gambling with the hopes of winning money needed for something else, that distraction will keep you from being able to focus enough to win regularly.


Pay all of your bills for the week, then whatever is left over, you can risk betting with at the sports wagering site without any guilt.


  1. Not Setting Winning Gambling Limits

When you are not making a limit for yourself, then you don’t know when to stop gambling. If you set a limit for $50 today, you need to condition yourself to quit when you reach that amount so you get those winnings off the table before a cold streak sucks them all away. The advantage to setting a winning limit is you walk away a winner and you come back tomorrow to build on that success.


While you might not notice it after a couple gambling sessions, by the end of the month you will see your sports wagering bankroll growing bigger than you imagined.


  1. Not Setting Losing Gambling Limits

By the same token, set a losing limit so if you do run into a cold streak, you only lose a small portion of your bankroll and come back tomorrow ready to start new.


When you don’t set a losing limit, you keep betting bigger and bigger to make up for the previous loss, and before you know it you are at rock bottom again.


  1. Betting on Hunches

Don’t rely on hunches or gut feelings when gambling on sports, it is important that you do your research. There are plenty of free online resources where you can study these games and get a better understanding as to who should be favored and why.


Start a routine of spending an hour a day researching these games, it will help you spot opportunities in the future.


  1. Betting With Emotion

Stop betting on games where you are emotionally attached to a team because you will not be able to make a rational betting decision and throw your money away.


Whether you love a team or you hate a team, you make the bet without allowing research to say your decision, and all those profits you made this week go right down the drain.


Now you too can win money in abundance gambling on sports when you eliminate these mistakes from your game play.